Put Away That Frozen Meal

Dine at a top-quality Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford, MA

If you've never experienced the flavors of Portuguese food, you're missing out on fresh seafood, decadent sauces and rich meats. You can experience all the tastes that the Iberian Peninsula has to offer at Inner Bay Cafe & Grille. Our Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford, Massachusetts serves authentic cuisine and fragrant wine in an inviting atmosphere.

Take a break from routine

Are you sick of going out to eat at the same old places, eating the same old things? It's time to shake things up. Our Portuguese restaurant is the perfect place to:

There are plenty of ways to enjoy our restaurant. Call 508-984-0489 now to learn more about our specials, event space and wine selection.

Going out to eat has never been so satisfying

Inner Bay Cafe & Grille has been serving exceptional Portuguese food to New Bedford, Massachusetts for over 26 years. Our guests keep coming back to us for our enticing dishes that bring together the diverse flavors of Portugal. Whether you dine alone or with a crowd, you'll savor every bite. There's always room for you at our table.

Visit Inner Bay Cafe & Grille in New Bedford, Massachusetts today for a meal you won't soon forget.