Aperitivos - Appetizers

Inner Bay Tasting Platter
Servido Na Pedra

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Queijo Fresco - Fresh Cheese

Presunto Transmontano


Pickled Marinated Vegetables

Queijo Presidente - Brie Cheese

Chouriço a Corisco

Pastéis de Bacalhau

Herbs Marinated Olives

Queijo S. Jorge

Morcela com Ananaz

Pate de Atum

Appetizer Combo

A combination of Potato Skins, Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo Tenders, Scallops wrapped in Bacon & Shrimp Cocktail

Camarão Mozambique

Shrimp simmered in a flavorful garlic saffron sauce

Chouriço Bobeiro

Flambeed chouriço

Lula Frita

Fried calamari topped with sweet chili & sriracha aioli

Amêijoas à bulhão pato

Littlenecks steamed in a white wine, garlic and virgin olive oil

Mexilhões à bulhão pato

Mussels steamed in white wine, garlic and virgin olive oil

Sopa - Soups

Kale Soup

Sopa Do Dia

Wines & Cocktails of the Month

Vinho da Casa - "Dão" - Red or White

Inner Bay's Tropical Sangria

Corisca Margarita

Inner Bay's Classics

Polvo à Lagareiro

Grilled octopus in an olive oil garlic sauce over roasted potatoes

Polvo Assado

Octopus roasted in a red wine sauce with potatoes

Bacalhau Assado com Batatas a Murro

Grilled codfish with pepper, onions, and roasted potatoes

Peixes - Seafood

Salmão doce de pimenta

Salmon with sriracha aioli on a bed of rice and vegetables

Camarão Recheado

Baked stuffed shrimp served with rice, french fries and vegetables

Bacalhau "silmo"

Fresh cod lightly pan fried with sweet peppers & onions

Camarão Moçambique

Shrimp simmered in a white wine, garlic, and saffron sauce served with rice, french fries and vegetables

Filetes à pescador

Fried fish filets in egg batter served with tomato rice and salad

Camarão Scampi

Shrimp in a white wine sauce and garlic over spaghetti

Filetes Recheado

Fresh filet of Sole stuffed with a homemade seafood stuffing, smothered in a Creole Sauce served with boiled potatoes and vegetables

Bacalhau à bràz

Shredded salted cod sautéed with onions and thinly chopped fried potatoes, all bound with scrambled eggs topped with fresh parsley

Carnes - Meats

Farmer Steak

Fried steak in a casserole dish served with round fries topped with bacon

Carne de Porco à alentejana

Marinated pork chunks fried over cubed fries with littlenecks

Bife à açoreano

10oz Sirloin steak simmered in a spicy gravy with red hot peppers and fried egg served with rice, french fries, and vegetables

Galinha Moçambique

Chicken simmered in a white wine, garlic, and saffron sauce served with rice, french fries and vegetables.